Nora is a German Journalist & Political Scientist with 15 years of work experience. She is based in Berlin/Germany and Philadelphia/USA.

Education in Politics and Journalism
Nora studied Political Science (major), American History and International Law at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Bonn/Germany. After her degree she went through a training to become a news editor at a German daily newspaper (Schwäbische Zeitung).

Fellowship in Washington DC during presidential election campaign 2008
Following her interest in the United States and political campaigning, she came to the US for the first time in 2008. As a fellow for the German government Nora reported on the Obama/McCain presidential campaign as a member of the editorial team for two major German media outlets – the German Press Agency (dpa) and the First German Television (ARD) in Washington DC.

Political Correspondent in the US during 2012 presidential race
Nora continued to focus her work on American politics. In 2012 she covered her second US-presidential election campaign. As a correspondent for the online issue from Stern Magazine, one of Germany’s most influential weekly political publications, she followed the Obama/Romney campaign closely, e.g. reporting from the Republican Convention in Tampa/Florida and the Democratic Convention in Charlotte/North Carolina.

Senior Health Care Reporter US and Europe
Nora became an expert in another vibrant area of our time: health care. As a senior reporter for German and Austrian medical publications, Nora writes stories about the digitalization of the health care sector, health care reform, the insurance market and tackles problems such as physician shortage and demographic changes.

Communications Specialist and Political Consultant in Germany
Nora is a communications enthusiast and has deepened her expertise as a communications consultant and political advisor in recent years. Her clients are publishing houses, communications agencies, foundations and corporations.

References (partial list)
Das Parlament – Official publication from the German government
Deutsches Ärzteblatt – Weekly publication from the German Medical Association
Deutsche Welle – Germany‘s public international broadcaster
DCCV – Self-help organization for patients with chronic diseases
Sarah Wiener Stiftung – Foundation to promote nutrition education for children
Several Consulting Agencies, e.g. Ergo Communications, J+K
Stern.de – Online publication from one of Germany’s major political publications

Contact Information
Phone USA +1-202-290-0907
Phone Germany +49-1578-220-948-1
Email kontakt (at) zeitwerk21.de